An introduction to me

An introduction to me

When not rocking out in my garage, I’m a professor of English and Mandarin Chinese in Chicago at Joliet Junior College, where I’ve taught since 2005. My teaching career began in China where I taught English to children and adults while studying Chinese.

After a few years teaching English in China, I returned to Chicago, settled into my garage, and began teaching both English and Chinese at Joliet Junior College (university for you Brits), where I’ve taught since 2005. My passion for studying and teaching Chinese soon replaced my old hobbies (spelunking, butterfly hunting, origami, beekeeping, candle making, hot air ballooning, pinball, taxidermy, making French pastries, playing croquet), and so I decided I should share my personal tips for learning Mandarin with the whole world. But how, I asked myself. Moments later, I was standing in front of my whiteboard, sporting my coolest Hawaiian shirt, armed only with a marker pen and profound desire to make learning Chinese fun. I set up a video camera and started filming the video lessons you’re about to see.


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