Chinese with Mike flashcards out now!

Chinese with Mike flashcards out now!

Following my last blog post, I’m pleased to announce that the new Chinese with Mike flashcards with Written Chinese are now available for you to use! Call it a Happy Chinese New Year gift from me. 

These flashcards take you through some of the vocabulary from and help you speak and read Mandarin Chinese. There are 5 sets of flashcards which mirror the 5 seasons of the Chinese with Mike course. Awesome!

As well as flashcards for the vocabulary in the Chinese with Mike course books, there are a load of great extras such as audio, images to help you remember the word, animations to show stroke order,  sentences to see the words ‘in action’, common related words, and also an awesome feature that lets you create your own, personalised self-study list! Plus we’ve thrown a few extra words in too, bonus.

To access the flashcards, follow these simple steps:

1.Go to: and download the app:


2.Select ‘Study’ from the bar at the bottom of the screen

3.Select 'My Flashcard Lists'

4.Select 'Chinese with Mike'

5.Select the vocabulary season of your choice

6.Select your lesson

7.Study away


Special features

You can personalise your flashcard list by clicking on the plus ‘+’ sign to the right of each flashcard – this adds the card to ‘My Quicklist’.

When you click on a character, you are taken to a new screen.

  • The ‘Definition’ tab allows you to see the character, pinyin and English meaning. You can listen to the audio for pronunciation and see (and hear) example sentences.
  • The ‘Writing’ tab provides an animation showing the stroke order of the character.
  • The ‘More’ tab shows common related words and a memory image to help you remember the meaning.



The flashcards focus on vocabulary around the five seasons of Chinese with Mike:

  • Season 1 – My family is …
  • Season 2 – Food I like …
  • Season 3 – Describing things …
  • Season 4 -  I like …
  • Season 5 – In the future I’ll be …


Hints and tips

For tips on pinyin and pronunciation, take a look at the sections 'How to Read Pinyin Markers' and 'The 5 Tones of Mandarin Chinese' here: 

You can also check out this handy guide to studying flashcards online: 


I hope you find these useful and look forward to hearing how you get on with them!

All the best



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