New Chinese with Mike flashcards coming soon!

New Chinese with Mike flashcards coming soon!

Hi folks, welcome back to Chinese with Mike! I’ve been away for a while working on some new projects and I’m delighted to tell you about my brand new vocabulary flashcards which are available on an app for you later in January 2017!

I’ve been working with a company called Written Chinese to make a set of Chinese with Mike flashcards which will take you through some of the vocabulary from this website and help you speak and read Mandarin Chinese. There are 5 sets of flashcards which mirror the 5 seasons of the Chinese with Mike course. Awesome!

The great thing about these flashcards is that they can be used as extra support for the course books or on their own – and you can learn Chinese any place, any time to suit you! 

Season 1 – My family is …     

402 characters to describe you, your family and your pets!

Season 2 – Food I like …   

170 characters for all the good things to eat. You like noodles, right? 

Season 3 – Describing things …    

192 characters to describe things. Does your tea taste good? Soon you’ll know how to answer! 

Season 4 – I like …      

194 characters of fun things to do in your free time.

Season 5 – In the future I’ll be …      

128 characters so you can talk about what you’ll be doing, using the future tense. 

Here's a note from Written Chinese with a little more info - you can also go to

The Elves from Written Chinese LOVE Chinese with Mike! We think Mike Laoshi is a pretty cool guy with some awesome Chinese lessons to teach,  so we’re super happy to have Chinese with Mike flashcards in our Written Chinese Dictionary app. We really hope you enjoy them as much as us! 

Happy Studying! 

So what’re you waiting for?! I’d love to hear how you get on with your Chinese learning – please leave comments on the blog, and keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook where I’ll be sharing more about what I’ve been up to and what I’m doing next, along with details about when and how you can start using the flashcards. 



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