Welcome to my garage, and welcome to Chinese with Mike

Welcome to my garage, and welcome to Chinese with Mike

If you’ve come back to continue learning with me, welcome back! If you’re brand new to my garage, welcome! It’s great to have you here! I put the ease into learning Chinese, but be warned, my teaching style is highly addictive, so be prepared to have unusual yearnings to wear Hawaiian shirts, to put on your best shades, and to make speaking Chinese your new life!

I’m going to be posting on this blog regularly with news and updates from my garage, but for this first post, I thought I’d give you a guided tour through my brand new website. There’s loads to check out here at chinesewithmike.com, but for starters, let me take you through the main sections…

About Chinese with Mike: Take a peek and see what I, Mike, am all about. Learn about the varied and colourful journey that took me from nomadic tribes in China, cohabiting with giant Pandas and selling fortune cookies on cruise ships before finally settling into my garage to realise my true calling in life: to share my passion for the Chinese language with the world.

Lessons: The goods! Click on lessons to begin learning – remember listen to everything I say, do everything I tell you to and we won’t have any problems… oh yeah, and you’ll be speaking Chinese in no time.

Why Learn Chinese: Umm… because even if you wear sunglasses, and a bandana on a regular basis, there’s no substitute for how cool speaking Chinese will make you! Seriously though, here is where you can find out lots of Chinese facts and figures explaining just why Chinese is the language you need to be learning.

Blog: You’re already here!  Here I am going to be keeping you up to date regularly with any news, or Chinese language learning pointers that you should know. Think of blog as a one stop shop for all the essential news from my garage.

Shop: Here you can find all my books, DVDs and videos to buy all under one handy roof – think of this as an all you can eat buffet of Chinese with Mike goodies!

Phew! So with all of that great stuff, what’s stopping you from learning Chinese?

Let’s get this party started!



  • Chris

    Hey Mike, I have been studying Chinese for about 8 years now. I bought your first season 1 and 2.
    I need your help, how can I say days in Chinese.

    1 day two days, etc.. Seems a strange question at my level I am sure it is tian but I need your help on this one. Chris

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