Mike's method

As you can guess, the approach in Chinese with Mike is pretty much revolutionary: so carefully structured by me that it will feel less regimented and more spontaneous than that of traditional courses.

The lessons are organized from the ground up, beginning with the most basic sentence structures that are the easiest to learn. Each lesson smoothly builds off the previous ones, slowly building in complexity. Whereas other courses may present more frequent forms earlier, the aim of my course is to build up your language logically so you never feel overwhelmed. I can also assure you that you won’t need to memorize random dialogues that you’ll probably never use in real life. It’s more important that you know how to ask and answer questions and generate your own sentences and conversations, and if you go through my series, you’ll be able to do just that—and you’ll understand exactly what you’re saying and why you’re saying it.

The bottom line: Listen to everything I say, do everything I tell you to, and we won’t have any problems…oh yeah, and you’ll be speaking Chinese in no time.

Mike’s method

    Learning Chinese is great for all sorts of reasons, it’s the language of business, the language of the future and the language that everyone is talking about. One of the best reasons to learn to speak Chinese with Mike though is for the sheer fun of it! Get some real satisfaction by learning one of the ‘most difficult’ languages out there, and not only that but have fun whilst you’re doing it. Grab your shades, pull on that bandana and get learning!


    As a nation China has grown industrially exponentially in the last 50 years. Now one of the world’s economic powerhouses and a centre for business around the world, learning Chinese for business will open you up professionally to a global community of business leaders.


    Learning a language is great for everyone, it helps break the limits of your own personal development, opening you up to new realms of communication and cultural appreciation internationally. Learn Chinese, and educate yourself in the world’s most spoken language and the language of the future - economically, industrially and socially.

    Think you might be too old to start learning? Think again, Chinese with Mike can help anyone from the age of 12 to 100.