Why learn Chinese?

More seriously, why learn Chinese? Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world, with over 1 billion speakers internationally, Mandarin is the language of business of pleasure, it’s the language of the future and it’s the language you should be choosing to learn.

Even more seriously? With thousands of years of history China is an endlessly fascinating country, with a rich and amazing culture, whether your interests are in music, food, or history, learning Chinese will help you grasp Chinese culture. Not only that, but Chinese is now the language of business, if you ever want to get ahead and take your work global, learning to speak Chinese is the way to ensure a one way ticket to success.

  • Learn Chinese for satisfaction

    Learning Chinese is great for all sorts of reasons, it’s the language of business, the language of the future and the language that everyone is talking about. One of the best reasons to learn Chinese with Mike though is for the sheer fun of it! Get some real satisfaction by learning one of the ‘most difficult’ languages out there, and not only that but have fun whilst you’re doing it. Grab your shades, pull on that bandanna and get learning!

  • Learn Chinese for business

    As a nation China has grown industrially exponentially in the last 50 years. Now one of the world’s economic powerhouses and a centre for business around the world, learn Chinese for business and open you up professionally to a global community of business leaders.

  • Learn Chinese for education

    Learning a language is great for everyone, it helps break the limits of your own personal development, opening you up to new realms of communication and cultural appreciation internationally. Learn Chinese, and educate yourself in the world’s most spoken language and the language of the future - economically, industrially and socially.

    Think you might be too old to start learning? Think again, Chinese with Mike can help anyone from the age of 12 to 100.